NeuigkeitencurAEquality Award 2024

curAEquality Award 2024

At the first curAMeet conference last week, Romina Wolz from the University Medical Center Mainz received the curAEquality Award 2024 for her outstandingly Gender and Diversity inclusive research in her curATime subproject "Role of macrophage coagulation signaling in atherosclerosis".

It is widely appreciated that there are pronounced sex differences in cardiovascular diseases (CVD): disease onset, susceptibility, prevalence as well as treatment outcomes. Although this is a well-known fact, there is still room for improvement in daily research practice: for example, the balanced use of biomaterial, animals or cell lines.

Incorporating these aspects often means additional efforts: doubled sample number, potentially doubled costs or at least double analysis. For several reasons, it is therefore a delicate balance of resources, ethics and outcome.

Within curATime, our “Cluster for Atherothrombosis and Individual Medicine”, the project curACulture aims to draw attention on gender-inclusive research.

Read more about the curACulture project here:

Romina is currently doing her PhD at the Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH) at the University Medical Center Mainz in the group of Prof. Wolfram Ruf. The CTH is the leading national competence center for thrombosis research and one of the main excellence pillars of curATime.

Image (from left to right):

Dr. Nina Lolies (curACulture project leader), Romina Wolz, Prof. Wolfram Ruf.

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