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Seminars in Translational Oncology

During his visit, PD Dr. Robert Zweigerdt from Hannover Medical School will give us insights about his research on “Making and Repairing Hearts with human Pluripotent Stem Cells”.

Robert is a developmental biologist and received training in stem cell research and bioprocessing. Since 2009, he is Principal Investigator at the “Research Center for Translational Regenerative Medicine“(REBIRTH) at Hannover Medical School. His group aims at adapting stirred tank bioreactor technologies for the efficient production of hPSC and their progenies to promote the clinical translation of advanced cell therapies. Moreover, he is investigating basic mechanisms of mesendodermal priming, differentiation, and formation of novel Heart Forming Organoids, to provide complex in vitro models on aspects of human development and pathology.

We are looking forward to hearing about his research.

The lecture will be held via Zoom, September 28th at 11:15 am.