NewsSeminar in Translational Oncology
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Seminar in Translational Oncology

Prof Woods’s main research area is the characterization of molecular alterations that underlie multi-step tumorigenesis. Much of her work thereby focuses on pancreatic cancer. Within a long standing collaboration with Matthias Gaida, a clinician of the University Medical Center Mainz and Head of our Clinical Pathology Unit at TRON, they primarily analyse human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). Results of their collaboration can be found in many high ranking journals. However, another focus of prof Wood’s research is the investigation of a variety of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary neoplasms to understand how a cell becomes malignant. Those findings will be highlighted in her talk.

The seminar will be held in person in Lecture Hall 505, University Medical Center Campus on July 13th, at 5 pm.