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Science never sleeps

As part of our 2023 mission, we are broadening our research horizon and are now setting out for new paths in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

At the beginning of March, the first implementation phase of curATime, our Cluster for Atherothrombosis und Individualized Medicine, started. The BMBF funded Clusters4Future, which joins expertises of the University Medical Center Mainz, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and many other regional key players in a substantial network, paves the way for new tailored mRNA treatment methods and prevention concepts for cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, we are sending a warm welcome to Johnny Kim and his team who will support TRON in this new mission! Johnny is joining us after working at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research for several years. Together with his team he is now establishing the new research unit of Therapeutic Cardiology at TRON. Their goal is to identify and develop new translational avenues and therapies to prevent and treat cardiovascular, regenerative and age-related diseases.

Image Credits: Özlem Akili, multiplex RNAscope on mouse lung tissue to spatially detect mRNA expression (house keeping genes Ppib in green and Polr2a in red).