NewscurAMeet 2024

curAMeet 2024

During our first curATime conference, the curAMeet 2024, we are going to bring the whole curATime network together for the first time. We are looking forward to learning about the recent findings in cardiovascular research and to listening to e.g. experts in the field of atherothrombosis, mRNAand AI at our venue in Mainz.

This first conference of our BMBF-funded network curATime is organized by TRON. TRON is the coordinating institution of the Cluster for Atherothrombosis and individualized Medicine. TRON's Managing Director and curATime Cluster Spokesman Dr. Andrée Rothermel, puts emphasis on the importance of regular meetings between cluster members “curATime embraces an open culture of innovation in which we collaborate across disciplines and sectors to develop innovative concepts for the treatment of atherothrombosisrelated cardiovascular diseases. Strengthening this interdisciplinary network is one of our primary goals.”

Learn more about curATime on this website: