TRON provides expert research and specialized high-end technologies to biotechnology companies and research groups.  The organization was specifically designed to advance the field of individualized medicine.  TRON has two major research departments: The Biomarker Development Center (BDC), headed by Dr. Andrée Rothermel and Dr. Valesca Bukur, researches and validates clinically relevant molecular, cellular, and serological biomarkers, while the Immunotherapy Development Center (IDC), led by Dr. Sebastian Kreiter and Dr. Mustafa Diken, integrates a wide spectrum of platforms, facilities and disease models for the development of immunotherapies. Both centers house a number of service facilities and technology units staffed by leading technology experts with academic and industry experience.

TRON has a strong focus on the development of commercialized clinical applications, and collaborates closely with companies specialized in ISO9001/13485-certified biomarker-based in vitro diagnostics and GMP-certified contract manufacturers.

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