The use of (auto)antibodies as markers is one of the most promising prognostic and diagnostic approaches to classifying disease, and is minimally invasive. (Auto)antibodies are excellent biomarkers because they are robust, naturally amplified by the immune system, immunologically memorized and readily and detectable early on.

TRON’s Serodiscovery team employs state-of-the-art technologies to identify disease-related (auto)antibody signatures from a broad range of body fluids.  These platforms range from various high density peptide microarray formats and NGS-assisted phage displays for high throughput biomarker discovery to bead-based multiplex assays as well as traditional ELISA technologies for subsequent biomarker validation.

Our platforms have been specially designed for the diagnosis of cancer, autoimmune diseases, infection diseases, and allergies.

Our platforms

  • NGS-based whole peptidome phage display platform
  • High density peptide microarray platform
  • For phage display and microarray platform:
    In-house developed dedicated data processing pipelines and comprehensive analysis software
  • Bead-based multiplex immunoassays (xMAP® technology) for detection of antibodies against peptides and glycans
  • 96/384-well ELISA