Translation & Expertise

Great ideas are our starting point.  We define ourselves by putting inspiration into practice, finding viable solutions for challenges.

Historically, the pharmaceutical industry carried discoveries from basic research into clinical trials; recent developments have however effected a divergence of the basic and clinical research sectors. The resultant gap is considered “the valley of death” in translational research. TRON is most active at this interface, specializing in the areas of target discovery, validation, and preclinical development.  Our collaborations and expertise allow us to strongly support work in phase I and II clinical trials.

As a non-profit spin-off from the University Medicine Mainz, TRON is active in basic, application-driven research in the fields of oncology and immunology. Within those fields, we are especially focused on tailor-made therapies and diagnostics. By developing strategies for novel immunotherapeutic approaches or clinically relevant biomarkers, we lay the foundations for personalized therapies.

Supporting these aims is our profound know-how in genomics, DNA and RNA sequencing, bioinformatics, immunology, immunotherapies and molecular biology.

TRON’s competencies are organized into two central research departments as well as the administrative department.

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