The identification of disease-associated biomarkers and therapeutically useful target structures is a prerequisite for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools, which can in turn contribute to long-term improvement in patient care. Biomarkers are ideal for disease diagnosis, for predicting the course of disease, and for monitoring of the patient’s response to a specific therapy.  They can be valuable tools for physicians who strive for optimal therapy for their patients.

The Biomarker Development Center (BDC) is involved at all levels in the identification and validation of “omics”-based biomarkers for use in personalized oncology. Our goals are:

  • The identification and validation of therapeutic targets for personalized cancer immunotherapy.
  • The analysis of biomarkers for the molecular stratification of patients, thereby optimizing therapy selection and monitoring of the response during and after therapy.
  • The design and implementation of customized, fast, integrative bioinformatic solutions for the interpretation of “omics”-based data sets.

The BDC is comprised of the following groups: