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We are expanding our Personalized Cancer Genomics Team and are hiring a #Bioinformatics/Data #Scientist (m/f/d) to support the development of our personalized #cancer vaccines platform and the integration into existing clinical processes.

Auftaktveranstaltung „ #Cluster für #Atherothrombose und Individualisierte Medizin #curATime“ mit #TRONMainz, @DFKI und @UnimedizinM heute 17:00 - 19:00 Uhr! Anmeldung noch bis 16:30 Uhr möglich.

In personalized #cancer therapy, the selection of the right targets for the right patient is essential. To improve this process in #immunotherapy, we are hiring a #PhDstudent (m/f/d) for a project on "Computational Cancer Evolution"! #Bioinformatics

Our manuscript of large scale analysis of #SARSCoV2 spike-glycoprotein mutants has now been peer-reviewed and is published! Using #genome and NGS raw data, we can confirm low #mutation rate, but a slow increase over time.

Our groundbreaking technology is featured in @NatureBiotech!
#trans-amplifying RNAs developed at @tronmainz allow for #faster #production of #RNA #therapeutics.

Don't miss Fulvia Vascotto's talk today at #ImmunoRad21 : "The GOOD, the ELDER & the BAD: #RNAVaccine & Radiotherapy to fight #Cancer" . International conference in #Paris on #immunotherapy and #radiotherapy combinations.





Press Releases

  • Official foundation ceremony of HI-TRON Mainz (Feburary, 2019)
  • Cooperation agreements signed between TRON and DKFZ to found HI-TRON Mainz (August, 2018)
  • Prof. Ugur Sahin receives prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant for personalized cancer vaccines (April, 2018)
  • TRON receives three-year research grant from the Falconwood Foundation to develop new treatment approaches for neuroendocrine tumors (February, 2018)
  • TRON collaborates with its industrial partner BioNTech in a first-ever clinical study demonstrating that personalized RNA-based vaccines using mutant neo-epitopes as antigens activate immune system against individual mutations and exert anti-cancer activity. (July, 2017)
  • TRON as a partner in a collaboration with industrial and academic experts in the field of immunology and cancer research, to develop, improve and optimize immunomodulatory concepts for increased efficacy and improved tolerability of cancer immunotherapies. (June, 2015)  
  • TRON is a partner in the newly established multi-partnered Horizon 2020 funded consortium APERIM, which will collaborate on the practical implementation of immunotherapy and the development of a new treatment platform specifically for unique tumour mutations of individual patients. (May 1, 2015) 
  • Auf dem Weg zu einer individualisierten Immuntherapie bei Krebs
    Neue immunologische Erkenntnisse und technologische Fortschritte ebnen den Weg für maßgeschneiderte Krebsimpfstoffe / klinische Studie läuft bereits (March 23, 2015). 
  • TRON and TheraCode together with Merck begin collaboration on identification and development of biomarkers for antigen-specific cancer immunotherapy (October 18, 2012).
  • First preclinical proof-of-concept of mutation-based individualized cancer vaccine. Deep sequencing of immunogenic mutations may pave way for customized immunotherapy (Jan 17, 2012). 
  • New Variant Analysis Software from Ingenuity Used to Identify DNA Variants for Personalized Medicine Research (Jan 9, 2012). 
  • Der Brückenschlag: Translationale Medizin.
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  • New Convey Graph Constructor Leverages Hybrid-Core Architecture to Speed De Novo Genome Assembly (May 17, 2011). 
  • Next-generation sequencing technology for medicine and research in Mainz. Center for Translational Oncology and Immunology (TRON) Mainz has received one of the world’s first Illumina HiSeq genome sequencers (June 6, 2010).