Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz

Since 2008 the Science Alliance of Mainz (Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz) has represented the broad spectrum of cutting edge science and technology in Mainz. Beginning in June 2013, this network of science, economy and society has become public charity.

The aim of the alliance is to foster networking between universities, institutes and companies in and around Mainz in order to strengthen the research and science portfolio of Mainz, on a national and international level. Furthermore, another goal of the alliance is to start new projects and cooperations among members and to provide a platform for close interaction and collaboration.

The Science Alliance of Mainz organizes the annual Science Fair in Mainz and the biannual “Profiltalk der MAINZER WISSENSCHAFTSALLIANZ”. In 2016, the motto was “Man and Medicine” and, together with BioNTech AG and Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG, the TRON gGmbH presented their work in a booth at the science fair Mainz, which was very well received.

In 2017, the motto is “Man and Environment”. More information about the alliance can be found on the following link:Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz