We are always open to establishing new collaborations and complementing our expertise with strong partners to close the translational gap and bring innovative science into clinical application. TRON offers a number of different project partnership models for academia and industry.

If you are an academic lab, a research institute, a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation active in the fields of cancer, autoimmunity and infectious diseases (and beyond) and seeking expertise in:

  • High throughput bulk and single-cell sequencing and genomics
  • Biomarker identification
  • Bioinformatics
  • Serodiscovery
  • Vector design and gene transfer
  • Preclinical models
  • Imaging (in vitro, in vivo and live)
  • Immune mechanisms, immunomodulation and immunotherapy
  • Clinical immunomonitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence

we would love to hear from you – regardless whether you just want to get to know us better or if you already have a concrete idea for a collaborative research project.

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