Job Openings

PositionVacancy IDRoleField
Bioinformatician and Software Developer (m/f/d)Bioinformatician and software developerScientistComputer Science & Physics
PhD student "Computational cancer evolution" (m/f/d)PhD CompCancerEvolPhD StudentBioinformatics & Computer Science
Bioinformatician / Data Scientist (m/f/d)Bioinformatics/Data ScientistBioinformatician / Data ScientistBioinformatics & Data Science
Senior Project Manager (m/f/d)Senior PMProject ManagementLife Sciences
Training Program Coordinator (m/f/d)Scientific Training Program CoordinatorPhD Program CoordinationLife Sciences
PhD Student Cell Biology (m/f/d)ExBio-PhDPhD StudentBiochemistry, Cell Biology & Bomedicine
Technical Assistant Biosampling (m/f/d)TA BiosamplingTechnical AssistantBiology & Life Sciences
Student Assistant Immune Therapy(m/f/d)Immune TherapyStudent AssistantBiology
PhD Student Spatial Transcriptomics and Histology (m/f/d)PhD ImmunopathologyPhD StudentBiology & Life Sciences
Support Baumanagement (m/f/d)Support BaumanagementLaboratory ManagementCivil Engineering
Scientist Laboratory Management (m/f/d)WA LabormanagementLaboratory ManagementBiological Sciences
NGS Specialist (m/f/d)NGS SpecialistScientistBiology & Life Sciences
Technical Assistant NGS-based single cell RNA sequencing (m/f/d)TA NGS-based single cell RNA sequencingTechnical AssistantBiology & Life Sciences
LIMS Manager (m/f/d)LIMS ManagerScientistBioinformatics & Computer Science
Linux System Administrator (m/f/d)LinuxAdministratorScientistBioinformatics & Computer Science
Cell Biologist (m/f/d)Cell BiologistScientistBiology