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Quality Management

TRON operates a comprehensive risk-based quality management system, which aims to create efficient and transparent procedures and standardize routine processes with iterative improvement. We strive to harmonize the desired standardization with external requirements while simultaneously preserving the scientific spirit of research. TRON QM promotes the early transfer of new developments, procedures and methods into uniform


Our innovative work at TRON produces valuable bioinformatical tools to drive cancer research:   iMUT™ & MyMUT ™ Detection of disease-specific mutations in tumors.   Easyfuse™ Computional pipeline to detect and annotate fusion genes.   Artifuse™ Computational validation of fusion gene detection tools without relying on simulated reads. Link to publication     More About

Translation & Expertise

Great ideas are our starting point.  We define ourselves by putting inspiration into practice, finding viable solutions for challenges. Historically, the pharmaceutical industry carried discoveries from basic research into clinical trials; recent developments have however effected a divergence of the basic and clinical research sectors. The resultant gap is considered “the valley of death” in


5 excellent reasons to do your PhD at TRON 1. Cutting edge biomedical research We offer exceptional opportunities for ambitious scientists to investigate innovative diagnostics and therapies for the treatment of cancer and other severe diseases with high medical need. TRON currently has more than 15 doctoral students doing cutting edge translational research in RNA


The identification of disease-associated biomarkers and therapeutically useful target structures is a prerequisite for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools, which can in turn contribute to long-term improvement in patient care. Biomarkers are ideal for disease diagnosis, for predicting the course of disease, and for monitoring of the patient's response to a specific


The Immunotherapy Development Center (IDC) of TRON focusses its research on improving immunotherapy. Immunotherapy exploits the natural components of our body’s immune system, which we modulate and redirect for treatment of cancers, infectious diseases and/or auto-immune disorders. To this aim, we follow different approaches ranging from therapeutic or prophylactic vaccines to nanoparticle-based drug delivery. Vaccines