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TRON conducts collaborative research into immunological mechanisms and therapeutic modulation of the immune system. Specializing in cancer immunology and genomics, our research teams identify and characterize disease-relevant molecular targets, including developing tailored bioinformatical and novel biostatistical approaches. We design and improve cutting-edge technologies for biomarker discovery and biopharmaceutical drug development. In addition to our in-house


TRON Doctoral Students At TRON we believe in the creative power of gifted and enthusiastic people and in finding and fostering new talents. We offer exceptional opportunities for ambitious scientists to work in a dynamic international research environment to investigate innovative diagnostics and therapies for the treatment of cancer and other severe diseases with high


The identification of disease-associated biomarkers and therapeutically useful target structures is a prerequisite for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools, which can in turn contribute to long-term improvement in patient care. Biomarkers are ideal for disease diagnosis, for predicting the course of disease, and for monitoring of the patient's response to a specific


TRON was established to address the currently inadequate treatment options for diseases with deregulated immunity. These diseases, such cancer, allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic infections, are widespread and on the rise. While in cancer and chronic infections the immune system fails to control disease burden, in allergies and autoimmune diseases the pathogenesis is characterized by


A central focus of TRON is cancer immunotherapy, in which components of the immune system are modulated for the effective treatment of cancer. Together with industry project partners, TRON has created powerful platforms for the development of the potent immunotherapies described below. Vaccines  Vaccines have been used for centuries as a means of active immunization

Preclinical Models

Investigating immunologic mechanisms in vivo is a fundamental part of translational medical research. TRON provides an integrated pipeline for all stages of in vivo studies, from planning the experiments to analyzing the results. We use the latest data analysis tools to provide valuable experimental data for developing future clinical applications. All common in vivo application