Author’s Comment: HPV16 RNA-LPX vaccine mediates complete regression of aggressively growing HPV-positive mouse tumors and establishes protective T cell memory

TRON is delighted to announce an article published in Oncoimmunology.  TRON co-author Nadja Salomon shares this Author’s Comment.

HPV16 infections are associated with a variety of cancers and there is compelling evidence that the transforming activity of HPV16 critically depends on the expression of the viral oncoproteins E6 and E7. Therapeutic cancer vaccines capable of generating durable and specific immunity against these HPV16 antigens hold great promise to achieve long-term disease control in HPV16-positive head and neck or cervical cancers.

In this article, we report the pre-clinical development of HPV16 vaccines based on our collaboration partner BioNTech’s RNA-LPX platform. We describe the design, inflammatory profile, subsequent T cell priming and anti-tumoral effects of the HPV16 E7 RNA-LPX vaccine in naïve or HPV16-positive TC-1 and C3 tumor-bearing C57BL76 mice. We report potent anti-tumoral effects by HPV16 RNA-LPX alone or in combination with an anti-PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitor. Together, these findings prompted the investigation of an HPV16 E6/E7 vaccine in a phase I trial in HPV-driven squamous cell carcinomas (NCT03418480).

The investigation of RNA-based HPV vaccines was initially started in the context of the EU project “IACT”. I am enthusiastic to see how the vaccine performs in the clinic, specifically whether potent anti-tumoral immunity is induced by HPV16 E6/E7 RNA-LPX against prevailing neoplasia.

You can read the article here.