1st Science Day 2018 at the University Cancer Center Mainz

Mainz, September 6, 2018 – The University Cancer Center at the University Mainz is host to their 1st Science Day 2018 on September 6th 2018. The event features a variety of young investigators and established scientists presenting their research in the fields of cancer immunotherapy, genetic instability, epidemiology, or drug delivery.

Our doctoral student Nadja Salomon will present her combination therapy studies using local radiotherapy and E7-RNA-LPX vaccination. She will give a talk during the session “Tumor Immunology/Cancer Immunotherapy” at 9:40 a.m.. At 3:20 p.m., Mustafa Diken will give his talk “Delivering the Messenger for Cancer Immunity” in the session “Drug delivery”.

The programm concludes with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Margret Shipp from the Harvard Medical School and Dana Faber Cancer Center in Boston, USA, as part of the Mildred Scheel Lecture series. The Keynote Lecture entitled “Targetable Genetic Signatures in Lymphoid Malignancies” will start 4:30 p.m..