12. Run for Children 2017

Mainz, June 2017 – On June 10, TRON participated in the charity event „Run for Children®“. The event is initiated by the SCHOTT AG and organized in cooperation with the Pediatric Neurology Center Rhineland-Palatine, the University Children’s Hospital and the TSV SCHOTT. The 12th Run for Children took place at the TSV SCHOTT Mainz stadium where, during a period of 10-hours, participants ran 400m laps for donations. The donations are then given to regional children’s charities in Mainz that focus on sick or handicapped children or those in tough social situations.

Our TRON team consisted of 16 runners that finished the race with 333 completed rounds – a distance of over 133km!! This is the first time TRON has participated in this event, where we achieved an excellent 24th place out of the 70 teams that participated. However, as in all charity events, the main focus of the participation was not the placement of the team but the donations and the motto of the day “Together for a good cause – Helping can be that simple”. Overall that day, more than 22,000 laps were run, resulting in donations of at least 140,000 €. Congratulations to all the participants and also the organizers, who once again organized an excellent event.

At this point, we would also like to congratulate the team “Schlossrunners” for finishing the event with an incredible 469 laps! Second place went to the “Bereitschaftspolizei Mainz” ahead of “Power Azubis von Schott”.

More information about „Run for Children®“ can be found on the official website, pictures from Saturday can be found on the official facebook page of the organizers.