Call for Papers: RNA Vaccination Therapy

Mainz, February 28, 2015 TRON IDC Heads to lead Special Edition in Journal of Immunology Research

TRON (Translational Oncology at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz) is a transdisciplinary, not-for-profit research organization that facilitates the development of new drugs, medical applications and techniques to accelerate the transition of biomarker-based cancer treatments from bench to bedside. In the field of therapeutic cancer vaccination in vitro transcribed synthetic mRNA (IVT RNA) has gained high interest in the recent years as a drug format not only for cancer immunotherapy, but also for the development of antiviral mRNA based vaccines and innovative concepts adopted from viruses to achieve self-replication. Major challenges for mRNA vaccination therapy include amongst other things the identification of the optimal application route and the definition of ideal formulations.

Dr. med. Sebastian Kreiter and Dr. Mustafa Diken, Heads of TRON Immunotherapy Development Center (IDC), invite you to submit high quality, original research articles, and review articles centered on research and development of mRNA based vaccination therapies in the field of cancer and Infectious diseases.

Additional information and potential topics can be found on the official site of the Journal of Immunological Research: