Genomics-guided RNA-based personalized cancer vaccines

Mainz, October 16, 2014 – Cancer is a disease caused by DNA mutations. Cancer therapies targeting defined functional mutations have shown clinical benefit. However, as 95% of the mutations in a tumor are unique to that single patient and only a small number of mutations are shared between patients, the addressed medical need is modest. A rapidly determined patient-specific tumor mutation pattern combined with a flexible mutation-targeting drug platform could generate a mutation-targeting individualized therapy, which would benefit each single patient. Next-generation sequencing enables the rapid identification of somatic mutations in individual tumors (the mutanome). Immunoinformatics enables predictions of mutation immunogenicity. Mutation-targeting RNA-based vaccines can be rapidly and affordably synthesized as custom GMP drug products. Integration of these cutting-edge technologies into a clinically applicable process holds the promise of a disruptive innovation benefiting cancer patients. Here, we describe our translation of the individualized RNA-based cancer vaccine concept into clinic trials.

Boisguérin V., Castle J.C., Loewer M., Diekmann J., Mueller F., Britten C.M., Kreiter S., Türeci O., Sahin U.
Translation of genomics-guided RNA-based personalised cancer vaccines: towards the bedside.
British Journal of Cancer (2014) 111, 1469–1475.