FOCUS magazine features TRON director Ugur Sahin in article on new immunotherapeutic cancer treatments

Munich, June 27, 2014 – In the 26/14 FOCUS magazine cover article on novel therapies and drugs for the treatment of cancer, TRON founder and scientific director Ugur Sahin talks about the testing of a novel vaccine for the treatment of skin cancer that is being conducted in Mainz. The FOCUS article features clinicians and researchers who develop new strategies against cancer that harness the power of the patients’ immune systems.

“Cancer cells vary from person to person, each patient shows different gene mutations, “ explains Ugur Sahin. “We are therefore developing individualized cancer fighting agents for each and every patient”.

The IVACclinical trial that is being conducted in Mainz evaluates the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of vaccination with a personalized mutanome vaccine among patients with advanced melanoma. The IVAC MUTANOME project aims to develop Individualized Cancer Immunotherapies (IVAC®) that acknowledge the heterogeneity of patients’ tumors. After determining the mutation profile (mutanome) of a patient’s tumor, patient-specific targets are identified based on immunological properties and prediction algorithms. After selection, a patient-specific, poly-neo-epitopic lead structure is designed, and GMP manufacturing of the investigational medicinal product begins.

The IVAC MUTANOME trial is the first in Europe that introduces a fully personalized mutanome vaccine in malignant melanoma. The first proof-of-concept results are expected in 2015.

“Neue Hoffnung bei Krebs”. FOCUS 26/14. S. 86-96.

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