Ci3 Cluster partners report project updates

Mainz, September 17, 2013 – Today, partners of the BMBF funded Cluster for Individualized ImmuneIntervention present their ongoing projects at Schloss Biebrich in Wiesbaden. The day-long event offers cluster partners the opportunity to network and provide project updates. As a Ci3 partner, TRON will participate with several short talks, posters and an information booth.

Concentrating on cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases, the majority of the 28 projects within the Ci3 Cluster are being realized as joint projects focused on the product development of therapeutics, diagnostics and biomarkers. Additional projects presented at the September 17 meeting concentrate on the optimization and development of technologies, manufacturing processes, regulatory research and bioinformatics as well as on educational activities.

Ci3 (Cluster for Indivdualized ImmuneIntervention) is a regional consortium funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with more than 120 partners from industry, research, patient care and government agencies working towards individualized immune interventions for the treatment of life-threatening conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and infections. Ci3 combines the outstanding scientific excellence and commercial expertise in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region to develop new immune intervention strategies with large economic potential and to position Ci3 among the prime immunology clusters in Europe.