Community-wide consensus process generates a framework for reporting of T-cell experiments in clinical immunology

Increasing transparency and quality of immune response measurements

Mainz, Germany and New York, NY, USA, July 26, 2012 – The Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) Immunoguiding Program (CIP) and the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC) of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) today announced the publication of a letter in Immunity discussing the results of an unique vetting process that involved multiple international groups and individuals and has now led to publication guidelines that increase transparency of immune response assessments.

Throughout the last three years the Minimal Information About T-cell Assays (MIATA) project was led by the two lead-authors, Cedrik M. Britten (TRON gGmbH ,Mainz, Germany) and Sylvia Janetzki (Zellnet Inc., New-York, USA).  MIATA is complementing systematic and field-wide efforts to provide better  tools for biomarker studies to enhance the development of new cancer immunotherapies.

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