TRON Seminar in Translational Oncology: Prof. Skerra

May 10, 2012

5 PM in Mainz, Germany

TRON – Building 708 at University Medical Center Mainz

Langenbeckstr. 1

55131 Mainz

Prof. Dr. Arne Skerra

Chair of Biological Chemistry, Technische Universität München,  Germany

“Anticalins: antibodies of a new kind through protein design”

Prof. Skerra is the department chair of Biological Chemistry at Technische Universität München and founder and member of the supervisory board of Pieris AG, Vice-Coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence at the Munich Center for Integrated Protein Science

Prof. Skerra conducts research in the field of protein engineering and design. The focus of this work is on the construction of artificial proteins with new customized functions, such as antibody fragments with biomedically relevant antigen specificity, anticalins as new biotech drugs for human therapy and enzymes for industrial biotechnology. Rational and combinatorial research approaches are pursued in tandem with protein biochemical and spectroscopic methods as well as protein crystallographic analyses.