Revolutionary Microfluidics technology expedites TRON drug target discovery

TRON invests in Fluidigm™ real time PCR-System to quickly validate tumor markers

Mainz – January 2, 2012 – To further streamline the efficiency of its biomarker development platform, TRON purchased the high-throughput BioMark™ System by Fluidigm. The innovative system will allow TRON researchers to validate new drug targets more quickly and more efficiently, accelerating tumor tissue analysis 100 fold in comparison with standard methods.

The Fluidigm™ system will complement TRON’s expertise in next-generation sequencing that allows the fast identification of candidate drug targets as a prerequisite for future clinical cancer immunotherapy application. A validation experiment that would have required a week and 18 000 individual steps using standard lab equipment, can now be done in three hours and 200 steps, also needing 1 000 times fewer reagents and other materials.

“Investing in this new microfluidic technology will allow us to be as fast in our biomarker validation as we are in our identification process, solving an analysis bottleneck that used to take up a lot of our manpower and resources,” says Prof. Ugur Sahin, Scientific Director of TRON. “Innovative and top-of-the-line technologies such as Fluidigm are indispensible for the fast and economical development of effective, individualized cancer immunotherapies and we are pleased to provide our researchers with cutting-edge tools to expedite their analyses.”

The BioMark HD Fluidigm™ system enables analysis of gene expression, genotyping, mutant detection and absolute quantitization of nucleic-acid sequences. The system also allows gene expression analysis from a single cell.

TRON - Fluidigm BioMark