Events – M. Stratton

TRON Seminar in Translational Oncology

Prof. Mike Stratton

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK

“Landscapes Evolving Through the Mist”Finding patterns in the heterogeneity of cancer

Mainz, November, 24 – As part of the TRON Seminars in Translational Oncology, Prof. Mike Stratton of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute presented an overview on the evolution of the cancer genome at University Medical Center in Mainz. Stratton presented insights into the work of the International Cancer Genome Consortium and its mission to sequencing 25 000 cancer genomes at centers around the world. Presenting data of 50 different mutations in 69 breast cancers, Stratton depicted the challenges of understanding the nature of the disease: “Breast cancer tumors are diagnosed as one disease but are often completely different from each other genetically, and will therefore most likely respond differently to generic treatments.” Stratton outlined new insights on the genetic landscape of driver and somatic mutations and the mechanisms of metastatic spread, charting a map for future target and biomarker discoveries.