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TRON was founded on the idea that innovation transfer requires a facilitative environment, in which creative and passionate people from diverse backgrounds and complementary skills work together as teams to provide straightforward solutions to complex challenges.

TRON is set up as a think tank, combining the strengths of hypothesis driven academic research and quality controlled industrial development. At TRON, we translate innovation into products that promote human health.

TRON has two main research departments. The Biomarker Development Center (BDC), headed by Dr. Andrée Rothermel and Dr. Valesca Bukur, researches and validates clinically relevant molecular, cellular, and serological biomarkers, while the Immunotherapy Development Center (IDC), led by Dr. Sebastian Kreiter and Dr. Mustafa Diken, integrates a wide spectrum of platforms, facilities and preclinical models for the development of immunotherapies. Research and technology experts with academic and industry experience provide cutting edge, quality controlled services and steadily improve their innovative platforms.

For us, new technology and scientific excellence are no end goals themselves, but are the tools crucial for efficient translation of new ideas. All of our projects meet stringent project management standards and are performed by transdisciplinary teams – creative thinkers from a variety of fields, technology experts, researchers, product developers, and physicians. In working side-by-side on product-focused development, we are breaking down traditional barriers between science and industry and creating local, regional and international partnerships. Our workplace environment is based on the idea that innovation and problem solving depends on everyone sharing their ideas and opinions.

Although not our primary focus, we strongly encourage our scientists to present their findings at national and international congresses and to publish their results in peer-reviewed international journals. This encourages debate and enhances the potential for new collaborations, and also allows us to offer up-and-coming and established academics and professionals career paths suited for both academia and industry.

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TRON is committed to providing a dynamic workplace that supports the ongoing professional development of our scientists, technicians and support staff. We welcome unsolicited applications.

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