Biomarkers and drug targets are the key to improving healthcare in the long-term.  Biomarkers can be used to diagnose, predict disease outcome and monitor patient responses to specific therapies – in short, they are a crucial tool for clinicians seeking the optimal therapy for patients. At the same time, inappropriate targets are the underlying reason for the ineffectiveness of many current disease treatments. Identifying new targets is an essential step towards developing the next generation of medicines.

TRON’s Biomarker Development Center (BDC) covers all steps in the research and development of biomarkers and drug targets, from researching promising candidates, to validating these in disease cohorts, to readying them for commercial development. Our center is available to both internal and external research groups. We provide a number of different core facility services along with wider reaching project partnership models to support the development of products by industry. TRON has a broad portfolio of technologies that have been specifically optimized for research involving clinical blood samples and tissue sections, including paraffin embedded specimens.  The spectrum of available techniques for analyzing biological samples includes deep sequencing, immunoprofiling assays for measuring CD8+ CD4+ T cells, such as multicolor-flow cytometry, ELISPOT, non-radioactive cytotoxicity and proliferation assays, and peptide microarrays for broad spectrum autoantibody profiling. For more details of our technology portfolio, please see TRON Facilities.