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TRON is involved in two projects of a new Collaborative Research Center

In the course of evolution, the immune system has developed sophisticated mechanisms to identify and eliminate invading pathogens and degenerate cells, thereby preventing infection and tumor occurrence. When these mechanisms are ineffective or somehow bypassed, tumors or chronic infections may form. Clarifying the processes leading to ineffective immune defense is the central goal of the

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Honorary Medical Doctor’s Degree for Cornelis Melief

Mainz, 2017-10-25 – TRON scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Dr. Cornelis J. Melief, Leiden, Netherlands, will be awarded with the degree of an honorary medical doctor. Melief will be awarded for his lifetime achievements as a pioneer of tumor immunology, as well as for his commitment and deserts regarding immunological research in Mainz. Further information about

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Improvement of in vivo expression of genes delivered by self-amplifying RNA using Vaccinia Virus immune evasion proteins

Among nucleic acid-based delivery platforms, self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) vectors are of increasing interest for applications such as transient expression of recombinant proteins and vaccination. Although saRNA is a promising technology, antigen expression from saRNA is limited by the host cells’ innate interferon response. TRON’s Tim Beissert and colleagues show, in an upcoming issue of Human

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